Sanctuary Housing Group

Contract Description – Communal Commercial Servicing, Repair and Installation To Various Commercial Properties such as Student Accommodation, Sheltered Housing Schemes, Care and Support Schemes, Care and Support Properties and Commercial Housing Properties.

Scope of Works

  • Landlords Gas Safety Inspection and issue of (LGSR)
  • Servicing of calorifiers, pressure vessels, pressurisation units, communal heat and power (CHP) units, solar PV and Solar water units, greywater harvesting pumps and control units, air to air, air to water units, catering, sump pumps and water booster pumps. 
  • BMS management systems
  • 24/7 365 Repair Call Out 

The original volume of properties started at 105 covering the London and South East of England and has since increased to over 260 due to the overall customer service we are offering and the feedback issued from the SHG call centre and admin hub. We are now the primary contractor for the commercial gas and are being used as the backup contractor for their in-house commercial service team and back up contractor for the various areas outside of our own. An example of this was demonstrated recently at a Care and Support property which had an uncontainable leak from a primary 2” water pipe which had flooded the plant room. We attended within 2 hours out of hours at 6.30 and had two mechanical engineers replace the damaged pipework, refill and test the system and left site at 11.30pm. We have also completed three installation programmes of three new plant rooms over the past 12 weeks including the self-delivery of the BMS works for new Easy Io panels as part of the SHG planned works for 2018, these works have been delivered by our inhouse project team and have been completed on time and to budget. We receive on average over 130 calls a month covering the above volume of properties and currently have had no complaints since the start of the contract and are working with the client on the 2019/2020 planned works and increasing the property portfolio.

The client has advised that we are the number one contractor within the group and they are proud to have us as part of their team.

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