ThermoServ Limited, based in Croydon, manages the design and development; provision; installation; repair and maintenance service for mechanical and electrical systems, for both domestic and commercial clients based in the United Kingdom. 

Our organisation has established the Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015, that complies with the International Organisation of Standardisation.  This promotes a culture of quality assurance for the Company systems and processes, under the direction of the Directors.

Our main Quality Objective is to continually strive to deliver 100% client satisfaction. We do this by ensuring we regularly communicate with our clients to understand their needs so we can provide good quality products and services at a competitive price and specific to their requirements.  In the provision of our products and services, we also satisfy any legal and regulatory obligations.

The Directors take pride in being able to provide enough resources to enable the staff to carry out their roles in a professional manner and within a safe environment.   The people who work for ThermoServ Ltd have been assessed on their competency and ability to do their job and immerse themselves in the organisational knowledge and culture, taking opportunities to develop themselves, and others, as appropriate.  All personnel receive regular work-based appraisals.  When identified, additional skills and/or training necessary to meet any changes in requirements and trends is provided.

The management of our Supply Chain involves the regular evaluation of detailed criteria to ensure they can meet our demands to enable us to provide quality products and services to our clients.  

As an organisation, we are always looking at how we can do things better. Obtaining open and honest feedback, whilst maintaining client retention, is essential to understanding how we can do this.

Our Quality Policy is regularly reviewed; the most recent version is displayed on our Staff Notice Board for all internal personnel, and a copy is provided to all new staff at the time of induction.  A copy of the Policy can also be found on our website where we are able to communicate our values externally.  On request, we will provide our Policy to any other Interested Parties.

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